• What to do in the Allotment in November (Nothing)

    I was standing in the allotment thinking about what to post for the latest blog – What jobs to do in November seemed

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What to do in the Allotment in November (Nothing)

I was standing in the allotment thinking about what to post for the latest blog – What jobs to do in November seemed to be a good topic. then i thought – No – there are many online sites and books that do that so you all probably have that kind of Info already.
However , as i was ‘pondering’, standing in the warm sun under clear blue skies
and looking at my allotment i thought ‘i have done all of this, its all my own work, starting with a wilderness on a slope 6+ years ago i have made this into a well organised , easy to maintain allotment. The raised beds have all been created so that each area of the Allotment is now easy accessible. The poly tunnel has been moved 3 times over the years to this final place, what used to be the hen run (now a fruit cage ) was moved twice before i was happy, the shed and decking ( ie pallets ) was set up exactly where i wanted it i have grassed the paths as i think it looks that much better – have to strim it every few weeks in the summer – but thats not too difficult or time consuming . The fence is a bit wobbly in places , usual wood posts starting to rot, so i have ‘secured’ these and i have started replacing the posts.

Early Morning Visit

An early morning visit to the allotment today , mainly to water the tomatoes in the polytunnel, but also a bit of ‘harvesting’ . 
Picked more beans , a few tomatoes, a cabbage , a bucket of carrots and dug a few spuds. 
Some images :












Never had success with carrots until this year – saw something on youtube re sowing the seeds in a bucket , great method , no thinning needed therefore less chance of carrot fly attacking them. Not exactly show quality or size but easy and very tasty. 

Mid June update

Things are growing nicely now , improvement on all things except the dwarf beans. I had these covered and the high winds last week blew the cover off – didnt stop the pigeons – all leaves stripped in a day. however left them in the ground (beans not pigeons!!) and they seem to be holding on . 



Tomatoes are growing on and now all tied to canes in the polytunnel.


Beginning of June 2018

Just been up to the allotment and things are looking ‘quite’ good . Quite a few thinks have been planted and are looking OK , while somethings I am really struggling with . Last year and this i just cannot get beetroot to grow. I started early in the year and set some new seeds away – new because i bought new seeds in case it was last years that were a problem . Nothing . Started them off in the pollytunnel – unheated – nothing. Planted seed directly into the garden – so far nothing. I am trying the bolthardy beet , nothing complicated or exotic . will see how they grow (or not ) over the next few weeks. 

February Project

Started a new project this month – moving the Polytunnel!. 

I had a ‘spare’ frame which has been in the shed since early last year – i needed a new cover and it was only £20 more to buy the full set , ie frame and cover than just the cover itself .
Phase 1 : assemble the frame in situ – it is definitely a two person job. its not difficult , just awkward to keep the frame ‘stable’ while assembling it  – but we got there eventually 


Started again with the sowing of some of the seeds. My aim this year is to have several types of vegetables in one raised bed and try and time it such that as one bed is coming to harvest the other bed (with the same type of vegetables) will be growing on . Not sure how it will turn out but will keep you updated as the season progresses.
Today i have sown (in my newly aquired garden room ie spare bedroom ) 


I have managed (in between dodging rain , snow gale force winds !!) to finally plant my garlic.

These were bought from Wilko, not used them from there before so hoping they give a good crop. 3 bulbs gave me 20 cloves to plant so should keep us going for  few weeks late summer onwards .
Some info:

Garlic sets are choice mother bulbs with many cloves attached. Separate before planting.