November 2017

Not posted lately – been busy on other things !. I have been up to the allotment every day as i have the hens to see to , but not done much work on the garden side , however , back to normal now so playing ‘catch up’ before the really bad weather sets in. 
This year has been disappointing (more…)

New Hens

As i mentioned earlier we have recently bought some hens, originally 6 of them. However within the first week i realised that the run i had for them was just a little over crowded so i gave 2 of them away to a fellow allotmenteer . 

The remaining 4 have settled in really well and are now producing (more…)


I have just noticed that a lot of the images have gone from the site since i made the last design change – oops – should have checked it out more. 
However to correct that i am adding some updated images here , 
The allotment itself 
IMG_20160702_111700 IMG_20160702_111705 IMG_20160702_111717 IMG_20160702_111722IMG_20160724_105835 IMG_20160724_105846 IMG_20160724_105854 IMG_20160724_105858 IMG_20160808_113525 IMG_20160808_113648 IMG_20160808_113655 IMG_20160808_113701

We have recently bought some hens , (more…)

Starting and Ending

Today I have transplanted some tomatoes and leeks into bigger pots.

I started these off a few weeks ago in a heated propagator in the shed. Some have not yet sprouted, but those that could be have been moved to bigger pots

Today I have transplanted some tomatoes and leeks into bigger (more…)